AAC Production Processing

  • AAC block manufacturing unit
  • AAC block manufacturing unit
  • AAC block manufacturing unit
  • AAC block manufacturing unit
  • AAC block manufacturing unit
AAC block manufacturing unitAAC block manufacturing unitAAC block manufacturing unitAAC block manufacturing unitAAC block manufacturing unit

AAC block manufacturing unit

AAC plant system design

Dongyue Machinery Group is one of the most professional manufacture for AAC  production line and block making machine . With more than 400 of the AAC  production lines all over the world , Dongyue Machinery Group have cooperation with YTONG for the new production technology, production of aerated concrete in all aspects of raw ingredients, production control and other precision cutting its own automatic control system, the pursuit of maximizing equipment life, and always to do everything for outputs best AAC 'product philosophy thus making high-quality aerated concrete products are effectively guaranteed.

After one year study and infer, AAC-CONCEPT Gmbh Germany Dongyue make a technical cooperation agreement in year 2013.  the cooperation will include the full set of YTONG Authorize all its  drawings, process layout technology to transmit, process recipe debugging, new product development to Dongyue.

AAC Production line Process


1.AAC block raw material process and storage

To make a the rational design of the raw material storage areas, Dongyue  improve the material processing method to circumvent the dust noise, solid waste disposal and other problems for workers to create a comfortable working environment

2.weighing and pouring

The material, binder, gypsum and aluminum are respectively called by the corresponding automatic metering metering, high-speed mixer and then stirred within, into gas gun sort after pouring into the mold box. The entire system PLC automated control to ensure accurate and efficient operation of the process.

3.curing and cutting

Smooth static stop control will prevents the embryo to initiate the expansion process of the internal structure of the damage, Dongyue provide six-sided cutting programs, efficient and smooth cutting and turning device to Waste Paper is the core equipment.

4.Aerated and finished products process

After autoclave, brick obtain the final strength and performance. And the new technology  for the separate of the finished block can  packaging system will  not only improve the rate of qualified products, but also solve the problem of separate of the finished products .

3D View


Cutting machine


1.Whole factory layout process concept’s advancement

a.Making the most of land space , pay attention to the  space’s detail design

b.Increase equipment function to simplify process flow , with the process flow’s  rationality to avoid the equipment and electric’s complicated control

2.Formula process’s advancement

a.After Balance cost selecting the best raw materials, sand (fly ash ) should be pure according to slurry preparation requirements

b.Eliminate the unstable factors before pouring batching, guarantee the raw material weighing precision and slurry concentration, minimize quality fluctuation, provided a basis for top super light products.

3.Advance concept of machinery equipment

Infinite pursuit of equipment life, high precision, select high-grade steel, high-grade purchased parts, assemblies and as far as possible to ensure equipment compatibility, the average life of equipment 30 - 50 years

AAC plant Customer


AAC block display

AAC is one of the major achievements of the 20th century in the field of wall construction. It is a revolutionary material offering an unique combination of high durability and strength, low weight, unprecedented buildability and superior ecological green features.

AAC is a high-quality,  non-load-bearing and extremely well insulating building material produced as standard or mega blocks or panels.


• AAC is a long proven material. It has successfully been used in world since early last century and is now among the mostly used wall building materials in Europe with rapidly growing market shares in Asia, the Middle East and recently America.